Getting started

This getting started guide walks you through using Anaconda Project for the first time.

After completing this guide, you will be able to:

  • Create a project containing a Bokeh app.
  • Run the project with a single command.
  • Package and share the project.

If you have not yet installed and started Project, follow the Installation instructions.

For more information on Bokeh, see Welcome to Bokeh.

Creating a project containing a Bokeh app

To create a project called “clustering_app”:

  1. Open a Command Prompt or terminal window.

  2. Create a directory called clustering_app, switch to it and then initialize the project:

    $ mkdir clustering_app
    $ cd clustering_app
    $ anaconda-project init
    Project configuration is in /User/Anaconda/My Anaconda Projects/clustering_app/anaconda-project.yml
  3. Inside the clustering_app project directory, create and save a file named that contains the code from the Bokeh clustering example.

  4. Add the packages that the Bokeh clustering demo depends on:

    anaconda-project add-packages python=3.5 bokeh=0.12.4 numpy=1.12.0 scikit-learn=0.18.1
  5. Tell Project about the Bokeh app:

    anaconda-project add-command plot .

    NOTE: By default, Bokeh looks for the file, so you do not need to include this in the command string after the “plot” command name.

  6. When prompted, type B for Bokeh app:

    Is `plot` a (B)okeh app, (N)otebook, or (C)ommand line? B
    Added a command 'plot' to the project.
    Run it with `anaconda-project run plot`.
  7. Run your new project:

    anaconda-project run

    NOTE: If your project included more than one command, you would need to specify which command to run. For more information, see Running a project.

    A browser window opens, displaying the clustering app.

Sharing your project

To share this project with a colleague:

  1. Archive the project:

    anaconda-project archive
  2. Send the archive file to your colleague.

You can also share a project by uploading it to Anaconda Cloud. For more information, see Sharing a project.

Running your project

Anyone with Project—your colleague or someone who downloads your project from Cloud—can run your project by unzipping the project archive file and then running a single command, without having to do any setup:

anaconda-project run

NOTE: If your project contained more than one command, the person using your project would need to specify which command to run. For more information, see Running a project.

Project downloads the data, installs the necessary packages and runs the command.

Next steps