Downloading data into a project

Often data sets are too large to keep locally, so you may want to download them on demand.

To set up your project to download data:

  1. From within your project directory, run:

    anaconda-project add-download env_var URL

    NOTE: Replace env_var with a name for an environment variable that Anaconda Project will create to store the path to your downloaded data file. Replace URL with the URL for the data to be downloaded.

    Anaconda Project downloads the data file to your project directory.

    EXAMPLE: The following command downloads the iris.csv data file from a GitHub repository into the “iris” project, and stores its new path in the environment variable IRIS_CSV:

    $ anaconda-project add-download IRIS_CSV
    File downloaded to /home/alice/mystuff/iris/iris.csv
    Added to the project file.
  2. OPTIONAL: In a text editor, open anaconda-project.yml to see the new entry in the downloads section.