Creating a project

  1. Create a project directory:

    anaconda-project init --directory directory-name

    NOTE: Replace directory-name with the name of your project directory.

    EXAMPLE: To create a project directory called “iris”:

    $ cd /home/alice/mystuff
    $ anaconda-project init --directory iris
    Create directory '/home/alice/mystuff/iris'? y
    Project configuration is in /home/alice/mystuff/iris/anaconda-project.yml

    You can also turn any existing directory into a project by switching to the directory and then running anaconda-project init without options or arguments.

  2. OPTIONAL: In a text editor, open anaconda-project.yml to see what the file looks like for an empty project. As you work with your project, the anaconda-project commands you use will modify this file.

As of version 0.10.0 anaconda-project init will initialize an empty environment. No packages will be listed in the pakcages: key. To replicate this behavior on older versions run:

anaconda-project init --empty-environment